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River Sports

Nature has many faces, and a river at least two souls: the tranquil one of calm waters and the adrenaline-charged one of whitewaters. The ideal activities to discover the serene side of any river are canoeing and kayaking – in the former you kneel and use a single-bladed paddle, in the latter you use a double-bladed paddle and sit. From this perspective, you will catch glimpses of the countryside which are otherwise out of reach.

Since canoeing and kayaking are activities which are mostly carried out in calm waters, both Lake Garda and the streams that flow into it from the surrounding mountains are ideal, especially in the summer months, when the winds do not blow as strongly. Streams are also at the center of another activity, canyoning or canyoneering, a sport in which a riverbed is traveled on foot – with the protection of wetsuits, helmets and safety harnesses – through canyons and waterfalls. This involves jumps, scrambling and natural slides.

Rafting is often considered to be an extreme sport, when actually, with the right precautions and an expert guide, it is suitable for everyone, even families with children. It most definitely is a thrilling sport, but not necessarily a dangerous one. To safeguard those who want to safely experience this activity, the Italian Rafting Federation (“Federazione Italiana Rafting”) has certified several clubs around Verona and Vicenza, with approved equipment and instructors who hold a license issued by the federation itself. The clubs offer outings for different levels of experience.

The most adventurous take place on some stretches of the Brenta river, past Vicenza, while calmer outings follow the Adige through Verona – in order to admire the city from a fresh point of view – or through the river valley. And don't forget that, every year, the Adige hosts the most important event for these three sports, the Adigemarathon.

Canyoning is not an extreme sport, it is practiced in groups and at different levels, sometimes it is also accessible to children and teenagers and can represent a truly unforgettable experience to discover unspoiled landscapes.
In Lake Garda Trentino you can find several centers of reference for canyoning on streams near the lake, with routes for all levels.

If you have never done rafting, it is really worth trying at least once, as it can become an exciting adventure to live with friends or with the whole family! Normally the necessary equipment is provided by the center to which you go to and includes the wetsuit, the protective helmet, the life jacket and the harness. Participants must also have sneakers, a tracksuit, swimsuit, towels or bathrobe with them.
Are you ready to embark on this new adrenaline adventure?
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